Hillydown Farm Beef

Hillydown Farm can be found right on the edge of Ibsley Common, where New Forest Commoners Fiona and Kevin Gover run their single suckled beef herd. 

Hillydown Farm cows have an idyllic life - returning to their Forest edge holding daily for top up haylage and spending the rest of the time roaming freely, always finding a dry, sheltered bed for the night.

In April, they calve at our holding and stay in to run with an Aberdeen Angus bull for the summer. By September, they are keen to return to their Forest freedom.

The Hillydown herd is made up of families, grandmothers, mothers and daughters who stay together by choice and know where home is. The majority of the calves produced are sold to Waitrose at 9 months, where high welfare standards and good ethics are guarantted. We keep herd replacements and a few for local consumption.

Animal welfare is paramount to us for our grass reared herd. No GM food and guaranteed non-halal. 

Where to buy

Come Spring and Autumn, we prepare a small number of beef boxes, each containing a selection of quality roasting joints, steaks, braising steak and lean mince.

Box contents are freshly packaged, labelled and ready for the freezer.

Beef boxes are subject to availability - to be included on the Hillydown Farm Client List, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or text 07811 515317.

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